Other Specialized Testing Services

Other Specialized Testing Services

Earth Grid Resistance, Step and Touch Potential testing at Power Generating Station at S2 IWPP site in Ruwais for both the power generating plant & the RO desalination plant.
Earth Grid Resistance, Step and Touch Potential testing for the following:
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  • Diamond Centre SS – Dubai
  • Technopark SS – Dubai
  • Silicon Oasis SS – Dubai
  • City of Arabia – Wadi SS & ARML SS – Dubai
  • Jebel Ali “M” Stn – Dubai
  • New Jebel Ali Airport, PILT & LOGS SS
  • Motor City SS – Dubai
  • Mirdif City Centre SS – Dubai
  • And various other 132 & 400 kV SS in and around UAE


Power/Harmonic Analysis our team has executed power quality analysis, THD and harmonic testing to check the following:

  • The diagnosis if incompatibilities of the power system with the load.
  • The evaluation of the electric environment at a part of the system in order to refine modeling techniques or to develop a power quality baseline.
  • The prediction of future performance of load equipment or power quality mitigating devices.


  • KEMA, Dubai, UAE
  • Jumeirah Park SS, Jumeirah Village SS
  • Dubai Sports City SS (3 nos) and many more.

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