Testing Equipment

Think global, Rent local

AMEC provides a wide variety of specialized testing equipment of highly reputed brands to meet our customer’s electrical testing requirements.

We feel privileged to have the opportunity to service your test equipment needs. We take great pride in being there for you when you need us and strive to provide you exceptional care. At AMEC, it’s not about taking another order – it’s about providing you the solutions you require so that YOUR business is successful.


Benefits of renting:

  • Save money
  • Get the latest technology in testing equipment
  • Try out equipment
  • Cover for equipment in calibration or repair
  • Ideal for projects
  • Get the product fully supported
  • Urgent needs
  • Reduce the risk of ending up with the wrong equipment
  • Eliminate the costs of ownership

Financial benefits

  • Save money by renting instead of buying
  • No need to find capital
  • Free up the cash for other investments
  • Spread out cost evenly
  • Operational cost instead of Capital cost
  • Eliminate the costs of ownership
  • Great cost control by project

Other benefits
  • Immediate availability from AMEC’s wide range of testing equipment.
  • Flexibility – Stop the costs at any time or change, upgrade, ramp up ramp down.
  • Fully managed – all logistics, calibration, maintenance, repair are someone else’s problems.
  • No obsolescence – AMEC stands on top of latest equipment in the electrical testing field.
  • Applications advice from an impartial partner
  • High level of product support and service.
  • Nationwide coverage – support wherever your project is.
  • Peace of mind of having the right equipment available, calibrated and ready to use.
  • More time to get on with other tasks.

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