Power Quality/Harmonic Analysis

Power Quality Analyzer Test

There are quite a few reasons for measuring and analyzing power quality nowadays. Our work mostly depends on computers and machines supplied with electrical power. Therefore, problems with electrical power directly impact our work.

Some common symptoms of power quality problems in facilities are:
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  • Unexplained equipment trips or shutdowns.
  • Occasional equipment damage or component failure.
  • Erratic control of process performance.
  • Random lockups and data errors.
  • Power system component overheating.

AMEC’s skilled and experienced testing engineers can help you over come such challenges and assist you identify optimal solutions using sophisticated power quality analysers.

CT Analyzer

AMEC uses the latest CT test equipment to perform testing on your current transformers
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  • CT excitation
  • Knee point voltages
  • CT current ratio
  • Winding polarity