Protective Relay Testing

Protective Relay Testing

AMEC has the experienced field engineers and state of the art equipments to set/program, test and calibrate all makes and styles of protective relays.

Using calibrated instruments and proven test procedures you can be confident that the relays and instruments will be accurately evaluated. We test most types of 3-Phase generation, line distance, differential and power relays from major manufacturers including SEL, GE, ABB, AREVA, Siemens, Cutler Hammer, Beckwith, Multilin, Basler and Square-D Cooper.

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  • Transformer differential relays of all types and makes
  • Distance protection – Numerical or Non numerical
  • Line differential Relays
  • Back up Protection relays
  • REF Protection relays
  • Static relays
  • Voltage Frequency & Current Relays
  • Old Electromechanical Relays
  • Feeder Protection
  • Motor Protection
  • Generator Protection


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