Transformer Oil Filtration / Dehydration Plants

Transformer Oil Purification

AMEC’s purification plants remove water, dirt and dissolved gases from transformer oil.With over one million gallons of oil processed till date, we can support your equipment with technology based on decades of experience. Our equipment has been used on over hundreds of transformers. We offer equipment, processes and solutions including oil filtration plants.


AMEC has mobile oil filtration systems and experienced staff to perform the following on site services.

  • Oil filtration & dehydration of insulating fluid using hot oil circulation
  • Filtration of particulates using 0.5 and 1 micron filter
  • Vacuum drying of the core coil and insulation system using the hot oil fill method
  • BDV (breakdown voltage) test to determine quality of filtered transformer oil

Transformer Oil Testing
When working properly and within specifications, transformer oil:

  • Increases efficiency and useful life of the transformer
  • Serves as a dielectric fluid and thermal transfer medium
  • Saves on replacement costs, cuts downtime and associated costs.

Expert Diagnosis and Efficient Follow-up

AMEC offers breakdown voltage (BDV) and laboratory testing of transformer fluids. Using oil quality and dissolved gas analysis (DGA), we provide expert diagnostics of the fluid condition and operational health of the following equipment:

  • Transformer main tank
  • Load tap changers (LTCs)
  • Oil circuit breakers (OCBs)
  • Transformer cable boxes

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Below are some of the key areas in which AMEC’s regular oil testing program will benefit your company:

Short Term Benefits

  • Save unnecessary oil changes
  • Assist in finding developing faults at an early stage
  • Assist in determining oil quality
  • Assist in isolating faults on broken plant
  • Act as an audit tool

Long Term Benefits

  • Prolongs the life of the plant
  • Efficient use of plant shutdown
  • Planned maintenance
  • Efficient allocation of maintenance budget
  • Counter false claims
  • Know what’s going on